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Atlas Camera Support for DJI RONIN Rod Middleweight with Premium Harness & Quick Release Latches

Atlas Camera Support for DJI RONIN Rod Middleweight with Premium Harness & Quick Release Latches

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Atlas Camera Support for DJI RONIN Rod Middleweight with Premium Harness & Quick Release Latches

Atlas Camera Support System.

The 2-Rod System Middleweight Package is designed for rigs weighing 12-20 LBS.  The 2-Rod Light Middleweight flexible fiberglass rod is specially designed and manufactured with stainless steel fittings that allows the rod to come apart for portability and ease of travel. 

This system is the perfect fit for Gimbals: the 2 rods allow for 2 points of connection, resulting in a more balanced and even weight-distribution from your arms & shoulders to your core.



  • 2-Rod System Harness
  • 2 of 2-Rod Light Middleweight fiberglass rods
  • 1 each of 16" and 24" clear middleweight (3/8" diameter) PVC pipes
  • 2 each of the long adjustable webbing strap with snap hooks and cam buckle, allowing easy adjustment from 12"-41"
  • 2  each of the adjustable webbing strap with metal slider, d-ring, and 2 snap hooks
  • 2 long velcro straps with metal d-ring
  • High-density, water-resistant compact nylon carrying bag with drawstring and stopperAll items in the Standard Package except you get our 2-Rod System Premium Harness instead of the 2-Rod System Harness
  • Strong magnetic metal latches that allows a quick and easy connect/release of the Atlas to your rig. Good for 300lb+ static weight.  


*due to the nature of the usage of the rod and the variance in each operator's handling of the product, there is no warranty on the fiberglass rods

  • https://vimeo.com/116984297

    NEWS LETTER We really appreciate all the help and support you've been giving us in spreading the word about Atlas. 

    All the pictures, videos and reviews you guys are posting are helping people hear about and see the Atlas in action!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    We've posted more sample videos and some more reviews that Atlas users have posted. If you have a minutes check them out: 



    We want your footage and pictures!

    If you have videos posted on-line somewhere of footage you shot using your Atlas, please send us a link so we can post to our Facebook page!

    Also, if you have any behind the scenes footage of you using your Atlas on set or just messing around please send us a link so we can post to Facebook as well. 

    And of course, if you have any pictures of yourself wearing your Atlas please send for our Gallery page and our Facebook Page. You can also post directly to our Facebook page yourself.


    We've had a few customers recently slide their PVC pipes into the back of their harnesses incorrectly so I thought I would send a couple pictures to show the correct way and the incorrect way just incase you might be doing it the incorrect way as well.

    This is the correct way.

    And this is the incorrect way: 

    We moved the loops to be on top of the pad so that this mistake will happen less so some of you may have harnesses with the loops just above the middle pad. 

    Keep spreading the word and keep creating great videos with your Atlas!

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