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Power Peak® D7 EQ-BID 12V/230 Charger

Power Peak® D7 EQ-BID 12V/230 Charger

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Power Peak® D7 EQ-BID 12V/230 Charger

High-performance 400 W charging / discharging station for the demanding modeller

Two outputs, each with 200 Watt power and up to 20 A charge current, in a single case. The Power charger which can recharge your LiPo batteries on the move and at home - and very quickly.
Both charge circuits work entirely separately of each other, and can also be adjusted individually. The charge data for all outputs are displayed in clear form on separate backlit graphic screens.
The menu language can be selected from German, English and French. The high-performance integral equalizer measures the cells whilst drawing zero current, and balances them at a powerful 300 mA, which is sufficient even for batteries with a capacity of 5 Ah and more.
The device features mini-USB sockets which the user can employ to update the software at any time. In future the charge data will also be present at these sockets, so that the information can be read out and processed using the new Logview software.
A 5 V / 1 A USB charge socket for smart-phones, digital cameras and sat-nav devices, etc., is also present.

Simple, reliable operation and automatic saving of the essential battery data using the robbe BID system (Battery IDentification system).
The special advantages of the BID system:
  • Simply plug the BID key into the charger, and start the charge process.
  • No need for tiresome charge parameter adjustment in the menu system
  • Maximum protection from incorrect operation
  • Storage of essential battery data on the BID chip or key
  • Of course, the Power Peak Twin charger can also charge batteries not fitted with the BID system
  • Two BID chips are included with the charger.

Set contents

  • 1 Power Peak D7 12/230V
  • 1 Universal charge lead
  • 2 Croc clips
  • 2 BID-Chips
  • 1 Manual


10.5…18 V DC (user-variable low voltage alarm, 11…12 V)
or 100…240 V AC (plug-in lead with On / Off switch)
  • 2 x 0.1…20 A charge current (max. 200 W per output - 12 V or 230 V)
  • 2 x 0.1…10 A discharge current (max. 40 W per output)
  • USB charge socket, 5 V / 1 A for smart-phones and digital cameras
  • Internal resistance measurement
  • Internal device temperature display
  • 2 x 20 internal battery data memories
  • Charge / discharge (cycle) – mode 1 - 10 x with capacity display per cycle
  • Mini-USB socket for firmware upgrades and future data output
  • Menu system can be set to German, English, French or Italian.
  • Over-temperature guard
  • Current overload protection
  • Short-circuit protection
NC / NiMH batteries
  • 2 x 1…18 NC / NiMH cells
  • Charge process: automatic, normal, linear and reflex methods
  • User-variable trickle charge current (50…300 mA, off)
  • Variable peak sensitivity (3…15 mV / cell)
  • Variable pre-peak suppression (1…5 min., off)
Lithium batteries, LiIo (3.6 V), LiPo (3.7 V) or LiFe (3.3 V)
  • 2 x 1…7 Lithium cells - charge and discharge, cycle
  • Powerful balancer with 300 mA and zero-current measurement
  • Selectable charge power, up to 5C (20 A)
  • User-variable maximum cell voltage
  • Safety timer cut-off (20...720 min., off)
  • Maximum capacity cut-off (0.1…60 Ah)
  • Storage mode (60%)
  • Fast-charge mode without balancing function
  • Separate balancing program
  • 0.1 Volt boost function for Lithium batteries. Increasing the cut-off voltage by 0.1 Volt provides approximately 10% more battery capacity.
Lead-acid batteries
  • 2 x 2…24 V lead-acid batteries - charge and discharge
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